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About the O.G. "Outstanding Generation"

Meet the creator and CEO Gregory Rosary Sr. He started barbecuing at a young age, and found his calling. Greg was influenced by North Carolina traditions. With the help of his family, he was inspired to create his own signature sauce.

The Sauce that Started it All

We wanted people to get that "down-home" feeling with this sauce. Cooked to perfection for all families to enjoy!

The Star of the Barbecue

Use our signature sauce and seasoning to give authentic flavor on your smoked foods at your cookout! 

What's the sauce like?

Slow cooked to create a well-balanced sauce of the sweet, the heat, the tang and the bang! Not too thick but not too thin. It meets in the middle making it just right.

What's the seasoning like?

A well balance of authentic spices. Use this to get a nice smokey flavor with a little kick! This blend of spices gives the feel of original barbecue tones. It's what any meat would love to taste like.

We value your feedback!

Great tasting and don't forget to add the seasoning for steaks, chicken and pork.

Charlie Perry, via Facebook

Thank you to O.G. Wells BBQ L.L.C. for blessing me with this sauce. I will be taking a bottle back to NYC.

Amira Baloney, via Facebook

Great taste! Not your ordinary store bought barbecue you can literally put it on anything.

Ivory Sanders, via Facebook